ASW Maschinenbau
We are partner in all areas of the special mechanical engineering, processes of assembly and handling devices, for developing and commissioning the finished product.
ASW Maschinenbau
Hasenäcker13, 88142 Wasserburg
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About the Company

ASW Group started in 2005 with Soft-A-Tec as a supplier for special purpose machine rebuilders for the automotives. Due to continuously on-going growth of the business and more and more directly inquiries from the big customers, Markus Weber decided to manufacture the special propose machines and tools in-house with ASW Maschinenbau. The target was to deliver “turn-key solutions” to our customers with a very high adding value. That’s the today’s advantages what our customers like to demand from ASW Group.

Products & Services

ASW Group produces a wide range of specialized manufacturing technologies for a variety of applications.

This includes:

-          high flexible production lines for metal tubes and rubber tread

-          high flexile bending machines/lines with hole-punching and metal forming equipment

-          highly automated adhesive applications for automotive interiors

-          assembly and connecting technology

-          hot caulking systems within flexible tooling forms

-          cutting tools for rubber tread

-          high-tech tubular applications

-          molding machines and tools as a turn key solution

-          as well as industrial software design and development

Key Advantages

-          In-house design, construction, machining and assembly (100 % adding value)

-          Global reach

-          Innovative, customized turn-key solutions

-          Goal- and client orientated


Partnership Opportunities

-          ASW has previously worked with automotive Tear 1 suppliers from Europe and America

-          ASW seeks to partners with supplier interests in automated turn-key solutions for the automotive and non automotive sector to have real manufacturing advantages in their production due to the ASW products.