FORCAM is the technology leader for innovative manufacturing solutions in performance measurement with productivity increases of 20%.
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About the Company

FORCAM employs leading innovative technologies in a diverse set of industries to support clients with a global production infrastructure. Since 2001, FORCAM has provided performance measurement and optimization technology for companies including Audi, BMW, BorgWarner and Porsche with productivity increases of 20% at times.

Our clients benefit from our strong network in Germany (HQ), France, Benelux and Switzerland. In 2009, FORCAM opened its office in United Kingdom, and in 2011 its office in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.


Products & Services

FORCAM’s Shop Floor Management (SFM) technology is used to monitor more than 50,000 critical assets and machines globally.

Its Factory Framework™ solution is technologically leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES) by enabling improvement processes on all levels of production. Factory Framework™ connects, collects, and standardizes real-time data from diverse machine controls. For every production level, the signals provide comparable web-based operational states of machines and plants, covering production, malfunctions, and downtimes.


Key Advantages


       - Module-based, client tailored software

       - Third-party compatible solutions  

       - Reliable and transparent performance data


Partnership Opportunities

FORCAM is interested in gaining partner and/or sales partners and growing its contact and client base.

Prospective companies include third-party solution providers in similar business fields, business associations and similar institutions, trade organizations and manufacturing collectives.

In particular, we look forward to meeting the following companies from Michigan: Chrysler (Powertrain and stamping), Lear Corporation, La-Z-Boy, Stryker Corporation, TRW Automotive, American Axle, Cooper-Standard Automotive. And Georgia: AGCO, Kia Motors, Porsche Cars, Blue Bird, Volkswagen