Unger Diffutherm GmbH
Renewable Energy
Progetta e produce soluzioni ecologiche isolanti a risparmio energetico attraverso panelli in fibra di legno per facciate, pareti interne e tetti


Unger Diffutherm GmbH
Blankenburgstraße 81
09114 Chemnitz

Company (English)


A warm welcome from the innovative manufacturer of ecological, wood-fibre insulation boards and insulation systems.


We develop perfect insulation solutions for façadesinterior wallsdry-wall constructions and roofs using high-performance wood-fibre raw materials in a wide range of combinations. Our solutions help to provide a comfortable environment for you to live and work.


The Udi brand product range stands for sustainable energy-saving, increased living quality within your own four walls and climate protection for our Mother Earth.