Maritime Industry
TAB is a highly innovative mechanical engineering and manufacturing company with decades of experience in the design and fabrication of products for container terminals, the shipbuilding and offshore industry. In our modern 11,000+ sqm production facility we manufacture lashing cages, engine room and offshore modules, tailor-made heavy duty cross beams and spreader bars as well as a variety of other parts and components.
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Company Profile

TAB is a highly innovative mechanical engineering and manufacturing company with decades of experience in the fabrication of components for the shipbuilding and offshore industry.

Our production area of more than 11,000 sqm, state-of-the-art welding, plasma cutting and mechanical machining equipment, a large paint shop and installations for load and pressure tests of up to 1,000 to provide the basis for comprehensive tailor-made solutions. Sophisticated 3D-CAD-CAM technology ensures that design and production activities are interlinked at the highest possible level. Our highly qualified and motivated employees can cope with unforeseen situations and tight production schedules.

Customer satisfaction is our overriding goal. We have an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability in a diversity of industrial sectors. And not without reason. Our supporting services continue long after the original order has been completed. For instance, we carry out maintenance and assist in the extension and conversion of existing installations. We also offer our customers inspection services and training courses.



We have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of special spreader bars and cross beams tailored to customer's requirements. With workloads exceeding 1000 tons, modular designs or units that disassemble for shipping in standard containers, we provide solutions for almost every imaginable lifting task, and beyond.

Our lashing cages allow stevedores to gain safe access from the quay to the top layer of containers stacked on board a ship to lock or unlock twistlocks. Cages are available in 20' and 40' sizes, as combined 20'/40' units in different standard layouts or tailor-made to customer‘s needs.

We manufacture engine room and offshore modules like separator, oil conditioning, pump and filter, fuel oil, transfer and pipe modules according to customer's drawings.

Besides, we produce a variety of components for discerning customers in the shipbuilding industry and for offshore applications, like davit systems, cable runs and pulling trays, cable baskets for high voltage subsea cables, secondary steel construction parts etc.


Target customer groups

Lashing cages: container ports and terminals that operate STS (Ship-To-Shore) cranes

Lifting equipment: sea ports, steel plants, production facilities - all industries where heavy or oversized workpieces or bulky goods need to be handled.

Engine room modules and other components: maritime industry, shipyards