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Marketing solutions based on neuropsychological methods, big data and AI going beyond conventional marketing studies
Neuro Flash
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Company profile
Combining Machine Learning, Neuromarketing and Natural Language Processing (NLP), we were able to develop the world's first AI that uses psychology for marketing optimization.

We can now predict how and what consumers think, a game changer for better marketing decisions - in every market - in any language - anytime. Our AI works 24/7, learning and improving with every new challenge.

Our vision is to bring this exciting technology to our customers with maximum ease of implementation. In fact, accessing our AI is now possible with 1-touch of a button. Available to support your marketeers and content creators for superior marketing.

Products / Services

Brand Equity/Positioning:
Corporate, brand and product positioning from consumers perspective (compared to key competitors) to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your brand or product as well as its competitiveness.

Influencer Marketing:
We solved the problem of matching and tracking of influencers and brands using AI. Benefit from strong branding and relevant reach, enabling maximum ROI.

Concept development:
Online Software for developing marketing concepts based on consumer insights made transparent by our AI.

Content Testing:
A browser plugin, which enables immediate impact testing of your ads, concepts and all other online content (e.g. newsletters) from within the browser.

References and export activities

Volkswagen (Poland)
Diageo (India)
Beiersdorf (Germany)
Unilever (Germany)
Microsoft (Singapore)

Target group

Our services are relevant for all companies (with a strong focus on marketing) that are looking for a significant improvement in their advertisement impact and their marketing ROI.

Furthermore, we are working together with marketing/ advertisement agencies, management consultancies and Sales and Marketing platforms.

Competitive advantages

Our AI is unique in the market and replaces traditional
market research in many areas. It allows better marketing decisions enabling the following advantages:
- Deep psychological insights into customer behavior
- Results in seconds
- Superior advertising impact (+5-35% increase in sales)

Purpose of participation in project

We would like to attract new customers in Asia and are
interested in all contacts to strong brands, marketing agencies, management consultancies and Marketing and Sales platforms who no longer want to accept the limitations of traditional market research and therefore are looking for new ways to optimize their advertising budgets.