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Infrastructure and Logistics
CargoSteps is a global solution for track and trace from A to Z. CargoSteps is the first worldwide real-time track and trace software that allows different companies of every size in logistics to easily work together.
CargoSteps GmbH & Co. KG
Kaiserstrasse 61,
60329 Frankfurt am Main
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Company profile

CargoSteps is a worldwide working real-time track and trace software that allows different logistics companies of every size to easily work together by implementing a standardized communication process across multiple companies. CargoSteps can lead to greater efficiency and helps to avoid empty runs.

Founders: 4
Employees: 5


CargoSteps Track&Trace
- real-time track and trace solution consisting of web-application and app
- proactive real-time status updates

CargoSteps Match
- helps to avoid empty trips back after unloading a shipment, - algorithm calculates routes, empty capacities and lapse of time to match shipment orders and drivers/vehicles

Freight Intelligence
- Business Intelligence for Air Freight
- total visibility throughout the supply chain
- offers predictive information to avoid mistakes and to identify weak spots

Target group

- Transport and Logistics companies
- Freight Forwarders working with transporters and couriers
- Transport Management Software Providers

Competitive advantages
An extensive experience and a thorough knowledge of the transport and logistics industry went into the development of CargoSteps, offering the customer an open logistics solution with multiple application possibilites.

Purpose of participation in project

-Developing new markets
-Establishing collaborations with Transport Management Software Providers

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