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Development, manufacturing and sales of customized pressure and temperature transmitters, most of all for safety relevant applications in aviation, railway and automotive industries as well as for general industrial applications.
ADZ Nagano GmbH
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Company profile
ADZ NAGANO GmbH was founded in 1998. It is located in Germany at the high-tech location north of Dresden. Our company is specialized in the development and manufacturing of customized pressure and temperature transmitters for different applications. With its team of app. 100 committed employees, the business has developed into an internationally well-known manufacturer of products on a high quality level. More than 70% of our products are exported. Our company is certified according to the following standards: DIN EN ISO 9100; ISO/TS 16949; GL Germanischer Lloyd; ATEX; AEO-C. Specialisation: development and production of sensors according to customers specification.


Number of employeesApprox. 100 employees


Turnover: In 2014 - 13.5 million €


Summary: Development, manufacturing and sales of customized pressure and temperature transmitters most of all for safety relevant applications in aviation, railway and automotive industries as well as for  general industrial applications. 


Aviation industry: Hydraulic control systems for flaps, slats and landing gears, air management systems (e.g. anti icing systems, air conditioning, cabin pressure), fuel management systems, oil and fuel filter control, aircraft interior (e.g. galleys, restrooms, trash compactors), oxygen systems, fire fighting systems, ground service equipment, different test systems (e.g. for aircraft engines) etc.


Railway industry: Braking systems (including high speed trains), air conditioning, control systems for doors etc.


Commercial vehicles: All kinds of mobile hydraulics (e.g. for construction, forest and agricultural machinery), ABS systems for trucks and trailers, Fuel injection systems etc.  


General industry, automation, research: very large field of special applications in these sectors.


Products/Services especially for export: All upper mentioned products are exported by our company. More than 70% of our products are exported, more than 30% to the USA (main customers are CATERPILLAR, ASHCROFT, SENSATA and others). For our aerospace products we are offering the following special services:

  • Product development

  • Manufacturing of samples for tests

  • Complete product qualificatio

  • Manufacturing of serial products

  • After sales service and production of spare parts.


Prices for products and services: Caused by the relatively low overhead expenses (small company size, lean company structure) ADZ NAGANO is able to provide products on high quality level for moderate prices. No mass production, no low cost products. Very high quality level 100% „Made in Germany“.


References and export activities
End customers in aviation industry: Airbus Industries (A350XWB, A380), Embraer S.A. (KC-390, E-Jet 2nd Gen), Agusta Westland (AW 149/189), IRKUT (MC-21), AERTec-Goup (Interior), PZL Kalisz (Injection system for aircraft engine)


Commercial vehicles and industry: Caterpillar (USA), Knorr-Bremse Group (worldwide), Haldex (UK), Sensata (USA), KSB AG (Germany), Ashcroft (Germany and USA), Maquet-Medizintechnik (Germany), Bosch Rexroth (Germany), MTU (USA and Germany) and many others. Big number of university-level institutions in Germany (e.g. Fraunhofer Institutes, Universities, TU Dresden and others.).


Export activities: In China developing collaboration with: TIANJIN BOYI PNEUMATICS CO.,LTD

Activities with partners worldwide. Percentage of export in turnover (ca.):  >70


Target group
Especially in the aerospace field we are interested in new contacts with companies developing systems and components using pressure and temperature transducers. First of all it refers to the following systems (list is not complete):

  • Hydraulic systems (Control systems for slats, flaps and landing gears etc.),

  • Pneumatic systems (Anti icing systems, air conditioning, door locking systems etc.),

  • Fuel systems, Oil and fuel filter control,

  • Interior (Galleys, restromms etc.),

  • Oxygen systems, fire fighting systems,

  • Ground service equipment,

  • Test systems for aircraft engines etc.


We want to find competent contact partners to discuss with them the possibilities to cooperate in definitely actual and future projects.


For applications in commercial vehicle and general industries our special know-how is related to such systems like:

  • braking systems for railway applications, trucks and trailers,
  • mobile hydraulic systems (construction, forest, agricultural machinery)
  • control systems for pumps and valves
  • test systems
  • special machinery and automation

In general our interest is related to all projects, where standard products are not usable or special modifications are required to find a more optimized solution.


Our Target clients and channels of distribution: Clients and target group please see above. We are organizing our sales activities as direct sales or sales using partners worldwide. What way will be used is depending on the customer strategy and the products (e.g. in aviation industry most of all only direct contracts between manufacturer and end users are allowed). Some of our sales partners are involved in the development process as well.


Competitive advantages
Strength and special skills ofour company are most of all related to our special product know-how and our extensive experiences in the upper mentioned application fields. We are able to provide customized products starting with one piece for moderate prices.


Contact Information:



Bergener Ring 43

01458 Ottendorf-Okrilla



1. Contact person:

Herr Lutz Reinhardt, Engineer, Sales Manager Aerospace

Phone: +49-35205-596930

Fax: +49-35205-596959

Mobile: +49-151-59245572



2. Contact person:

Herr Wolfgang Dürfeld, Engineer, CEO

Phone: +49-35205-596930

Fax: +49-35205-596959



Languages spoken in company:  German, English, Russian