Aerodata AG
Civil Aviation
Aerodata AG – widely known as the leading provider of Flight Inspection Systems – provides real turnkey solutions for airborne special mission aircraft covering all phases from design, production to integration.
Moreover together with its subsidiary OPTIMARE Aerodata offers the broadest range of airborne sensors for oil spill detection worldwide.
Aerodata AG
Hermann-Blenk-Str. 34-36, 38108 Braunschweig
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Company profile
Aerodata AG provides complete solutions for a variety of airborne special missions, with major focus on Airborne
Surveillance and Flight Inspection. The company is widely known as the world's leading provider of modern flight
inspection solutions. Together with its subsidiary OPTIMARE the company is also known as supplier of high-end solutions
for maritime surveillance, environmental monitoring, border fishery patrol and SAR.
Aerodata's Maintenance Center complements the spectrum of activities in terms of aircraft maintenance and modification.
The yearly turnover is app. 35Mio. €

Employees: 163


 AeroMission: Mission Management System for aircraft & helicopters for maritime, border and environmental montoring as well as SAR and fishery control
- OctoPod: all-in-one-surveillance pod equipped with up to 8 sensors for airborne maritime and land surveillance, remote sensing of oil spills and SAR
MEDUSA: Missionssystem for airborne detection and quantification of marine oilspills
- AeroFIS: periodic evaluation of navigational aids used in aviation, such as flight procedures and electronic signals, to ensure safe and accurate landing on airports
- Maintenance/Modification: Installation of Aerodata products into various aircraft types
- Certification: independent inspection and release of aircraft after modification or maintenance

References and export activities
- Delivery of 2 turn-key King Air B200 Maritime Patrol Aircraft with sensors, fully integrated mission systems, integration and certification for the Armed Forces of Malta
- Delivery of a King Air B350 as Maritime Patrol Aircraft with sensors, mission system, integration & certification for the Prefectura Naval Argentina
-  Delivery of 2 MEDUSA systems (Optimare Systems) into 2 multi-purpose maritime patrol aircraft of type C-295 for AIRBUS MILITARY. End user: Royal Air Force of Oman

Target group
Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Maritime Safety Agencies, related Ministries (Defence, Transportation, Interior), Police Forces, Border Guards, Air Traffic Service Agencies, Search & Rescue Operators, Environmental/Maritime Institutes & Organisations, Oil Companies, Flight Service Providers

Competitive advantages

Certified as Design (EASA), Production (EN9100) and
Maintenance (EN9110) Organisation

-> complete solutions from one hand

Purpose of participation in project
Establishing further contacts with companies and agencies in the aviation sector

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