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Complete shearing units, Concave spirals and ledger baldes for all textile and carpet shearing machine brands, services and trainings for shearing.
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HEUSCH has been founded in 1850 in Aachen, Germany. The company is the world leading supplier for cutting solutions in the textile and leather industry. For the textile and carpet industry the company suppliers concave spirals and ledger blades for the shearing process. Shearing is part of the finishing process that gives the final touch to the material. This is the moment when emotions are breathed into the product: the look and feel are established. The following products have been invented by Heusch for the textile industry: complete shearing units, concave shearing spiral, inductive hardening for textile spirals, fully hardened ledger blade, Polymant ledger blade and first self-sharpening textile spiral.

Innovation spirit and enthusiasm for technology

The founder’s enquiring and inventing mind still prevails in today’s company. Only three years later the textile spiral‘s shape was optimized to give an improved cutting angle for better shearing quality. This was the birth of the famous Heusch concave spiral. After this the product portfolio was extended towards special-purpose knives and spirals – soon after also into the leather industry. Since then the applied material and the manufacturing process has been continuously upgraded.

Quality, Efficiency and Environmental Protection

Minimizing waste and defective goods is a serious target for today’s management. Not only will the efficiency of the production be boosted but also the negative impacts on the environment will be reduced. Heusch helps its customers to achieve these goals by constantly introducing new products and processes. Those consist of innovative materials and apply technologies being gentle on resources. Heusch products achieve best shearing quality with even the most abrasive fabrics. In the tanning industry Heusch products yield outstanding shaving and fleshing result under the toughest conditions.

Heusch is the oldest, biggest, most experienced, most innovative and best globally represented shearing device manufacturer. In regard to product and application support, training, service and technical support there is no other company operating on this level. All innovation and technical improvements are based on Heusch patents and developments.



-      Concave textile and carpet shearing spirals (caulked in or stretch screw)

-      Ledger blades (HL, H4 and Polymant)

-      Shearing cylinders

-      Shearing units

-      Shearing cylinder repairs (including 3xdimensional balancing)

-      Special purpose shearing for brushes, paint rollers or fur

Thru the company’s global network of partners, its application support team and its service technicians HEUSCH can provide onsite service, trainings and trouble shooting for shearing related problems. The company also offers shearing workshops at its headquarters and operates a center of excellence for research and development and customer support.

Heusch products are considered benchmark in the industry with an unchallenged price-performance ratio. The durability (lifetime) of the products and the shearing performance are unbeaten.

The companies 164 years strive for excellence has been taken to the next level with this years presentation of SIRIUS* the first and only self-sharpening textile spiral. The product dramatically increases shearing productivity and quality as the process can run uninterrupted without stop for re-sharpening. The self-sharpening technology of the product allows continuous shearing at top quality levels.

Most comprehensive product portfolio for all requirements and demands 

Cotton fibers are very soft, manmade fibers can be very demanding. The more abrasive the fiber the more durable and harder the material for the textile spirals.

Leather has different requirements – the tanning process defines the matching blade. But anyhow, whatever material (leather or textile) the manufacturer processes: Heusch offers the best suited cutting technology for all fibers and applications.

The art of textile finishing

Textile production is very expensive. To minimize factory seconds and waste the production needs a very reliable finishing at the end of the textile process. Heusch focuses on highest quality and a broad number of possible combinations for spirals and ledger blades to meet these requirements. Even more: The intended finishing effect (brilliance, clarity, color intensity and fluffy softness) only becomes apparent and tangible when applying high quality spirals. 

Leather industry: intelligent solutions for a growing market

For 84 years Heusch is a solid pillar of the leather industry. Zeitgeist and customer requirements are important to the development of new products. This is the reason for EXCALIBUR, the first stainless steel fleshing and shaving blade. Complains about rust marks on the leather became so urgent that Heusch’s research department restlessly searched for ways to manufacture a corrosion resistant blade. This newest product in this regard is EXCALIBUR Greenfleshing.  It will improve the eco-friendliness of fleshing and help to protect our environment.

Think global, act local: service and support

Today Heusch serves its customers across the globe with a network of 59 agents. From the very humble beginning in 1860 the company has come a long way.

Heusch is the only manufacturer of textile spirals and leather blades offering technical service and application support. Practical and concrete assistance onsite, training and re-blading services in licensed Heusch-Service –Centers worldwide establish Heusch as number one service partner.



Heusch currently operates through a network of partners in 58 countries. From Japan to the US and from Sweden to South Africa all textile and carpet producing markets are addressed. The company has vast experience with shearing all kinds of fibers like micro fibers, sisal, coconut and all other manmade or natural fibers.


Customer target group:

Our products are suited for all shearing applications and can be used in ALL kind of shearing machines. The contact to customers is established and maintained through our local agent but invoicing is done directly with the customer due to customs duty and other potential charges.