Böcker AG
Construction Industry
The Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH, a tradition-based and future-oriented family enterprise, is an innovation and quality leader in the powered access market. We supply inclined lifts for the construction and removal industry, truck- and trailer-based aluminium cranes and a broad range of rack-and pinion hoists as well as mobile personnel and material lifts.
Böcker AG
Lippestraße 69, 59368 Werne
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Company profile

The Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH was founded in 1958 and ever since is looking back on a proud history of constant growth, serving today more than 30 foreign countries. The production and company HQ is located in Werne, additionally there are 5 regional sales and rental facilities in Germany and 5 european subsidiaries (The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy), in total the workforce of the company amounts to more than 400 employees.  

In 2015 a turnover of approx. 66 Mio. € was reached with a 35 % generated by foreign markets, making Böcker one of the  
leading companies in access technology "made in Germany".


- Inclined hoists for the moving and construction industry
- Truck mounted cranes, trailer mounted cranes and tracked cranes
- Rack and pinion transport platforms and construction hoists
- ALP Lifts

References and export activities
- Züblin

- Strabag
- Zeppelin
- Hochtief
- Bilfinger & Berger

Target group
- Moving and Construction companies

- Rental companies
- Solar integrators
- Scaffolding companies

Competitive advantages
We deliver access technology that is versatile, compact, comes at a low weight offering high payloads, radius and lifting heights that other systems cannot guarantee.

Purpose of participation in project
The purpose is to get a better understanding of the market and to be able to develop new business relationships.

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