Airsense Analytics GmbH
Environmental Technologies
AIRSENSE Analytics was founded 1996, is based in Schwerin and has committed itself to making the world a safer place as one of the leading manufacturers of detection devices for dangerous substances. The instruments, which are produced in Germany, are in use in many different areas to fight CBRNE threats. The company is also established in the aviation-sector. When an aircraft is undergoing maintenance it is very expensive. Checking every engine for damage is a long and costly process in which every engine has to be dismantled. With the aviation tool from AIRSENSE you will be able to save a significant amount of time and money by identifying the damaged engine before having to dismantle it.
Airsense Analytics GmbH
Hagenower Strasse 73
19061 Schwerin
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AIRSENSE Analytics was founded on April 15 1996 by Dipl.-Ing. Wolf Münchmeyer and Dr.–Ing. Andreas Walte. This innovative company has its registered place of business in Schwerin – the capital of Mecklenburg Vorpommern region.
Airsense centers its activity on the development and manufacturing of high qualified instrumentation for the fields of processing, environmental techniques, as well as for analytical services for the air analytics.

Airsense has been succeeding in placing its especial products in the international market. Today Airsense is one of the worldwide recognized manufacturers of sensor array technologies and its associated services.

Laboratory Solutions

Airsense Analytics is able to offer its customers the latest technological solutions for laboratory analysis for the monitoring and improved sampling supported by its Online measurement procedures.
Having  a new analytical problem to deal with, Airsense will develop all optimal paramters of sampling, measurement and statistical evaluation.

Today Airsense counts with years of experience in monitoring and determination of:

  • Environmental pollutants (Pesticides, PAK, PCB, heavy metals...)
  • Pollutants in Foodstuffs
  • Pollutants in consumer articles          
  • Interfering or strange odors
  • Answers for Medical studies
  • And much more...

The application of the newest technologies and measurement procedures ensures trustworthy and reliable results. Determine measurement results in short time as well as the application for current quality standards are self-evident for us.