MTech Strategie und Planung GmbH
Infrastructure and Logistics
construction of plants and machines and provider of services in infrastructure, renewable energies (wind and hydro-power), drinking water, effluent management and environmental technology (Participant Info Kamerun 2013)
MTech Strategie & Planung GmbH
Marienstraße 25
10117 Berlin
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Export needs Experts

MTech is your competent partner for strategic planning of German projects in

markets abroad; it also takes care of projecet financing and national credit provision.


Our main focus is on the construction of plants and machines and providing services

in infrastructure, renewabel energies (wind- and hydro-power), dirnking water, 

effluent management and envrionmental technolgoy.


MTech has been a member of some od the most important overseas cooperation

associations for years, closely collaborating with the German government, the 

respective e goverment and the Europena commission.


MTech helps you:

  • Identify the right partners in the capital city
  • Recruit new projects
  • Locate new client-groups
  • Ressurect problem markets
  • Open up new countries
  • In securing investments and export guarantees nationally and internationally (G,A,CH,F)