Textile Machinery
Rapier and air-jet weaving machines for technical textiles, garments and home textiles as well as tape weaving machines for composite semi-finished products and specialty machinery for the production of films.
Lindauer DORNIER GmbH
Rickenbacher Str. 119c
D-88129 Lindau
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Short company description                 With both business segments – weaving machine and specialty machinery – DORNIER is among the global technological leaders today. 94% of the products are exported. We offer weaving machines for the production of extremely sophisticated fabrics, such as, for example:
Airbag fabrics
Tire cord fabrics
Carbon fibre and tape fabrics for composite structures
Filtration fabrics (soil, air and water filtration)
Aramid fibre fabrics for fire-resistant or bulletproof applications
Silk fabrics
Jacquard articles with complex pattern
Worsted fabrics - finest
Furthermore, the Southern German company is market leader in the specialty machinery manufacturing for the engineering and production of plants for thinnest plastic films designated for the packaging industry. Furthermore, these films find more and more application in high-tech products such as:
Condensers for hybrid vehicles
Film displays in mobile phones and flat screens




270 mio. EUR

Products and Services

 Rapier weaving machines from 100 cm to 430 cm nominal width
Air-jet weaving machines from 100 cm to 540 cm nominal width
Tape weaving machines with 210 cm nominal width

Film stretching machines for the production of films for solar panels, condensers, batteries, flexible displays, electrical insulation, graphics and packaging

Tape production machines for making orientated and fixed or impregnated fibre tapes for composites

Measurement and material technology – services of our
central laborator


References and Export activities


Airbag fabrics – automotive suppliers
Tire cord fabrics – tire manufacturers
Carbon fiber fabrics for composite structures – manufacturers of CFK component parts
Filtration fabrics (soil, water and air filtration) – manufacturers of filter systems
Aramid fibre fabrics for fire-resistant or bulletproof applications
Finest worsted fabrics – high quality suit fabrics
Silk fabrics - high fashion
Jacquard articles with complex pattern for upholstery and decoratives, seat upholstery for cars and airplanes

Target group / Ideal partner  

Producers of technical web, Composite elements, producers of technical fibers, thermo plast producers

Unique selling points

With our weaving machines system family consisting of rapier and air-jet weaving machines, we manufacture innovative and long-lasting machine concepts for the production of sophisticated fabrics.

We exclusively produce “made in Germany” and offer a high quality of production, great flexibility and a wide range of products as well as solutions to customer-specific requirements.

Purpose of Export Activities  


Publication of our new product line DORNIER Composite Systems®

 Languages  German, English

Our representative for Korea

weaving machines division:

GEC – General Engineering Co.
Room No. 818, Woosung Character Ville 467-18
Dogok-Dong, Kangnam-Ku, 135-090 Seoul,
South Korea
Tel: 0082 2 575 3488
Fax: 0082 2 575 3855

Our representative for Korea

film stretching lines division:

Dekor Systems Co. Ltd.
4th Floor, Hanjin Bldg. 169-11, Samsung-Dong,
Gangnam-Gu, 135-090 Seoul
Tel: 0082 2 538 3161
Fax: 0082 2 538 3165