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Gebäudeversorgung, Energiemanagement
The company A.Nissen Elektrobau,est. 1914,develops and produces road safety equipment. Such as Warning lamps,Light Arrow System,Warning Trailers,VMS LED Systems, metal and concrete barriers.The products correspond with national and intern. standards
Multi functional camera bags
A+F is a leading supplier of End-of-Line packaging machines and equipment and enjoys a high reputation worldwide for the expertise in designing high-quality packaging solutions. A+F provides integrated solutions for the Dairy, Food, and Beverage industries as well as for the Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, and other industries.
Professional know-how and long-time experience in the air dehumidification sector guarantee a custom solution for you that lives up to all demands made on an ideal industrial processing climate.
Quality. Technology. Innovation. - These three principles are at the heart of every solution we develop and every project we manage.
Our customers, including the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn AG), Volkswagen AG, LMBV, and public administrations have high expectations when it comes to competent solutions, quality, speed, and the ability to meet deadlines. We are able to meet and exceed these expectations flexibly and reliably.
A&R yachts and ships destined for the navy and authorities have a high non-material value, on top of their material value – and our vessels retain both of these values.
ABI offers in the pile driving, drilling and press techniques an extensive program of machine, tools and attachments. The experienced design-department develops suitable solutions for individual customer problems too - perfect technology at moderate cost. World wide service and consulting, rental equipment availability and quick delivery are important parts of the ABI success.
Lösungen für professionelle Entwässerung im Tiefbau und Galabau (Participant MEK Nigeria 2013)
Lichttechnik, Leuchtmittelhersteller, Straßenleuchten, Werbedisplay (tn)
adamus group is producing and selling medical products mainly focusing on all aspects of Human Sanitation. Our product range covers individual "on-the-go"- solutions up to unlimited fully operational sanitation systems for areas without toilet systems.
Telecommunication and Energy technology - GSM, UMTS, LTE, TETRA, LWL, Broadband and specialiced in advanced fuel cell systems and energy solutions (Participant MEK Marokko 2013)
AdMOS stands for Advanced Modeling Solutions, a recognized leader in MOS extraction, offering products in device simulation and modeling consulting.
Development, manufacturing and sales of customized pressure and temperature transmitters, most of all for safety relevant applications in aviation, railway and automotive industries as well as for general industrial applications.
Projects foundations were laid in the early years with successfull public competitions for residential, school and sports facilities, hospitals, elderly care and university buildings.
Wir eröffnen Unternehmen neue Märkte und generieren nachhaltiges, faires Wachstum bzw. konkrete Absatzsteigerungen (Participant Info Bolivien-Per 2013)
AERIUS Marine GmbH is a market leader in design, assembly, selection of the components and supply as well as commissioning of maritime HVAC solutions and a global player in the fields of piping, refrigeration and fire protection.
Aerodata AG – widely known as the leading provider of Flight Inspection Systems – provides real turnkey solutions for airborne special mission aircraft covering all phases from design, production to integration.
Moreover together with its subsidiary OPTIMARE Aerodata offers the broadest range of airborne sensors for oil spill detection worldwide.
As a member of a efficient group of companies, in addition to our own professional competence we also have partners in the areas software development, weighting technology, engineering and high-speed measurements.
Offre soluzioni per la tutela delle acque e degli impianti di ingegneria idraulica, per la depurazione delle acque di scarico industriali e per il risanamento delle acque
Riciclaggio di tubi catodici dismessi e di rifiuti elettronici, con separazione nei componenti pannello e cono.
Founded in 1995, AHA-Systeme is until now a very successful developer for exhibition-, interior design-, presentation- and light systems. The foreign exchange of AHA-Systeme was and remains always the same: Think and act in quality. --- PARTICIPANT
Geotechnik Umwelt Infrastruktur (Participant Info Bolivien-Peru 2013)
Versicherung für Architekten und Ingenieur
aio IT for Logistics GmbH offers the standard software Lewin for applications in transport or intralogistics with customized specialization. Integrated special functions such as automated package directions, arrival time determination and demand planning Milkrun raise Lewin from the competition.
Air Independence offers from aircraft and flight brokerage and jet charter to aircraft acquisition and management world-wide.
Our strength is the machining of all common aerospace materials from aluminium and titanium up to high grade nickel based alloys like e.g. inconel, hastelloy, waspalloy, etc.
For over 50 years, we've been providing all manner of aircraft for all types of organisations and every kind of individual, 24/7. To and from anywhere in the world, and for every conceivable reason.
AIRSENSE Analytics was founded 1996, is based in Schwerin and has committed itself to making the world a safer place as one of the leading manufacturers of detection devices for dangerous substances. The instruments, which are produced in Germany, are in use in many different areas to fight CBRNE threats. The company is also established in the aviation-sector. When an aircraft is undergoing maintenance it is very expensive. Checking every engine for damage is a long and costly process in which every engine has to be dismantled. With the aviation tool from AIRSENSE you will be able to save a significant amount of time and money by identifying the damaged engine before having to dismantle it.
AKTEN-EX is manufacturer of paper shredding solutions for high security purposes demanding the highest security level P-7 (DIN 66399).
The systems process 180-750kg paper and complete files an hour being certified by German TÜV according DIN 66399 and listed at BSI (Federal Office of Information Security).
AKUT was founded in 1988 and covers the entire spectrum of engineering services from designing, planning, tendering, supervision, and invoicing as well as monitoring of facility set up and supervision of the complete facility operations management.
Main fields of activity are waste water treatment plants, biogas production, sanitation systems and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) for industrial and residential buildings.
Since 1998 AKUT is a service provider in international development cooperation. AKUT focuses on
• Construction of water and waste water infrastructure;
• Construction of Biogas systems for waste and waste water;
• Promotion of environmental sound technologies for waste water treatment and use of organic waste, Know how transfer, contribution to regulatory framework;
• Introduction of neighbourhood cooperation, following the example of German waste water treatment plant neighbourhoods;
• lnstitutional strengthening of municipal water and waste water associations among others in the fields of economics, water losses, planning and operation of facilities, customer register and support, accounting, human resources development, investment planning, socio-political environmental management;
• Capacity building, education and vocational training of local staff of companies and associations.
AKUT has established a broad base in terms of diversified engineering services and world­wide activities. Our custo­mers are highly satisfied with our professional solutions for inte­resting and challenging projects.
La producción en Lünen Alemania. La moderna técnica de producción y una logística puntera permiten a JUNG fabricar y distribuir sus productos de una manera eficiente. Gracias a sus felxibles métodos de producción y trabajo profesional, JUNG está en condic
Die Alfred Giesser Messerfabrik entwickelt und produziert Maschinenmesser für industrielle Anwendungen in zahlreichen Branchen.
Amalgan is a distributor of nutritional supplements in organic quality.
ALTO offers infrastructure solutions to the general and business aviation. Our specialties are rotating platforms for easy, safe and fast maneuvering of aircrafts in hangars and hangar planning.
The various divisions realize construction services in the field of transport infrastructure, waste utilization and disposal, building materials trade and the development of building areas.
AmbiGate is a StartUp company and operates in the digital healthcare market. The core competence is in motion tracking (motion detection) for the medical and Ad-market. It develops and offers solutions for Home/Corporate Healthcare and reactive displays for the advertisement industry.
Verarbeitung von Obst und Gemüse, Milch und Michprodukten, Getränken, Babynahrung, Verpackungsdesign und Investment
Energie- & Raumkonzepte
Business Developer & Project Manager für Projekte in Lateinamerika
Our portfolio comprises all disciplines necessary to conduct aerodynamic and acoustic tests of compressors, combustors and turbines. We offer design & analysis, instrumentation, assembly and test out of one hand - if required at customer site and worldwide.
Bauen mit Plan
Standort- und Grundstücksanalyse Nutzungs- und Sanierungskonzepte Wirtschaftlichkeitsberechnungen Bauaufnahme und Gebäudeaufmaß Bauuntersuchungen Befunddokumentationen Bedarfsermittlung / Raumbucherstellung Energetische Analysen für Wohnungsbau und Gewerbe
Beratung im Bereich Außenwirtschaft, Logistik und Sicherheit in der Lieferkette (Participant Info Kamerun 2013)
APPbyYOU makes available for use an open communication plattform for every company so they can use their own messenger with their own cloud. The simple and flexible adaptability (individualization), and independence of every single company (data sovereignty) is important for us.
Nanobiotechnologie - Biochemikalien zur Oberflächenfunktionalisierung (tn)
Organic Produkte für Fußboden- und Wandbeschichtungen, Bad- und Küchenarbeitsplatten, DesignObjekte aus Naturmaterial, fugenlos

Organic products for floor and wall finishes, bathroom and kitchen countertops, design objects made of natural material, jointless. We are coated Floors, Waschrooms, Toiletts and Kitchen Countertops on surfaces with concrete natural materials
Architekturbüro Christian Junge
Each building has its own peculiarities. From the perspective of architects. From the perspective of the client, from the perspective of the camera and in the contemplation of those who benefit. A less visible, but all the more critical side is the way we work. Our perspective on quality and costs, our services and not least our heads.
Architektenkammer Baden-Wuerttemberg
Architekturagentur offers creative and innovative architecture as well as professional planing.
Architekturbüro Evers
Working as a freelance architect and energy consultant
renovation, restoration and cultivation.
Es macht uns Spaß und spornt uns an, innovative Lösungen zu finden, Neues zu entwickeln, Individuelles für Sie zu tun, auf Ihre speziellen Wünsche einzugehen.
Das Bauwerk soll auch eine Herausforderung für den Betrachter sein: Es soll ihn beim Betrachten und bei der Benutzung emotional anregen, erfreuen, unterstützen.
Architekturbüro Nowrousi
ARMATUREN-WOLFF is a renowned manufacturer and dealer of industrial valves and valve technology.
Die Art Detox GmbH ist ein junges Unternehmen, das sich zur Hauptaufgabe gemacht hat, organische Kulturgüter von Kontaminationen durch Biozide und Pestizide schonend und umweltfreundlich zu befreien.
arxes-tolina is an internationally active system house and offers innovative solutions in the business segments engineering, IT, software and consulting. The customers of arxes-tolina are Dax companies, international groups, more than half of the German saving banks, the Sparda group and many more.
We combine function and design in casual sportswear. Our impulse is to produce clothing in which form follows function and function follows form. We want quality, responsible production and cool design in just one suit.
The cornerstone of the M. Asam® cosmetics brand was laid over 50 years ago. At the time, the family-owned Asam company was developing and producing skin care products. Additionally the Asam family established Germany's first production system for anti-aging ingredients from grapes.
The specialist company for rental and sale of vertically adjustable working platforms and hoists.
Global operating developer and manufacturer of standard solar modules, roof integrated systems and "automotive" solar systems. The company is based in Erfurt in the German state of Thuringia.
Bewertung & Vermarktung von Industrieanlagen weltweit
Asset-Trade, Ihr Experte für gepflegte und gebrauchte Industriemaschinen aus dem deutschen und europäischen Markt zu attraktiven Preisen.

Assessment and Sale of Used Assets world wide
Asset-Trade, your expert for attractive used industrial machinery from highly reputed German and European markets. Here you can find the full range of used machinery from the metal working, plastic processing, wood working, printing and food industry.
We are partner in all areas of the special mechanical engineering, processes of assembly and handling devices, for developing and commissioning the finished product.
ATMOS is a medical device company specializing in the fields of ENT, wound care, gynecology, and surgery products. (Participant GAB Italien 2014)
Fördert die grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit
Autefa Solutions Nonwovens Technology delivers turn-key lines as well as individual machines for nonwovens manufacturing. Autefa Solutions Fiber Logistics Technology delivers fully automatic baling presses for polyester and viscose staple fibres.
Gyroplane, sports aircraft in the ultra-light/micro-light sector. Three different models: MTO Sport, Calidus und Cavalon.
The company is based in Gehren reveals Thüringen.Wie the name , automation technology and time recording / access control systems were the two main pillars of the company . Another constantly growing foothold has become in recent years the development of own hardware and software .
We develop and produce high quality plastic, metal and hybrid parts, prototypes with our Rapid-Prototyping techniques, like Stereolithography, as well as handmade prototypes.
AWAS consults, plans, produces and constructs industrial waste water systems. (Participant Info Kamerun 2013)
Innovative release systems for blockable gas
Lightweight construction, Q methods, Overall vehicle development Project management and Geometric integration make part of the company’s portfolio.
Wir haben uns voll und ganz auf die Herstellung von Käse-Spezial-Produkten zur Weiterverarbeitung spezialisiert und beliefern Kunden, die mit Käse Ihre Produkte verfeinern – vom handwerklichen Betrieb bis zum Lebenmittelkonzern.
operational activities concerning telecommunication, electrical engineering and power supply solutions (Participant Info Kamerun 2013)
Innenausbau - Wärmedämmung - Maler - Brandschutz - Bautenschutz - Putz und Stuck
Development, production and sale of innovative product solutions for roadworks and precast concrete, construction waterproofing, magnet and shuttering, concrete joining technology and consulting services for the precast concrete industry.
We optimize your processes with solutions suited for automated assembly and for the manufacture and handling of components made from metal and carbon fiber composites.
Since 1899 BAE stands synonym for quality and reliability on the market for industrial lead-acid batteries. Nowadays we are an independent medium-sized company with a well established position in the international battery market. BAE excels in its customer orientation and quality is our hallmark.
Jede Wostok-Brause ist anders, aber alle haben eines gemeinsam: In ihnen stecken ausgefallene Zutaten, über die erstmal gestaunt wird, bevor es ans Probieren geht. Doch auf den ersten Schluck folgt meist Begeisterung. Viel Frucht kombiniert mit spannenden Zutaten – dies vereint die neuen Geschmäcker genauso wie das Bio-Siegel und der Verzicht auf raffinierten Zucker.
Leight weight construction as a green Technology in Shipbuilding: ships that are particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable should already consume fewer resources during construction.
Soluzioni software di Infrainformatica per la pianificazione, la gestione e il risanamento delle infrastrutture delle reti di acqua potabile, acque reflue, gas ed elettricità.
è produttrice del sistema informatico di rete basato su banca dati BaSYS rivolto principalmente al settore delle acque e acque reflue cosi come del gas e dei cavi
Unsere Auftraggeber legen Wert auf Qualität, Flexibilität und Zuverlässigkeit. Unsere Kunden kommen aus den verschiedensten Bereichen:
Medizin-, Licht- und Lasertechnik • Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (Präzisionsteile)
Automotiv (Prüf- und Messmittelbau) • Deutsche Bahn (Präzisionsteile mit Materialzeugnissen)
Bergbau und Kesselbau (Präzisionsteile mit Materialzeugnissen) • Sportgeräte Skiroller (
Specialist foundation engineering machinery from Bauer has been a byword for top performance and quality and for continuous innovation since the late 1960s. BAUER Maschinen GmbH, which designs and manufactures rotary drilling rigs, diaphragm wall equipment and all related tools, has been operating on the market as an independent entity within the BAUER Group since 2001.
The other companies are subsidiaries of BAUER Maschinen GmbH. Together they provide the full range of specialist foundation engineering equipment and equipment for exploration, mining and safeguarding of valuable natural resources. Bauer Maschinen offers "more than just the machine". Based on the company's extensive experience, customers are provided with complete solutions from a single source.
Plattform für den Erfahrungsaustausch zwischen den Unternehmen
Desarollo y producción de equipo de perforación para barrenos para voladura para canteras y la industria de mineria con un concepto innovadoro de equipo con máxima facilidad de servicio para una superior potencia y bajos costos de perforación.
BuffBuffet Organic Technologies offers customers highly effective organic, high-tech cosmetic care products. The company consciously strives to combine innovation and naturalness. The core of the business includes the development, production and sales of innovative skin-care products.
Gearboxes, differential cases and crankcases are among the pallet of products we specialize in along with cylinder heads, steering knuckle, axle housings, case covers and chassis, to name only a few examples.
Biofix-Gewürzmischungen, Grill&Wok-Marinaden und Kräutermischungen für Salatdressings, 100% Bio und ohne Geschmacksverstärker. Vegan.
Berghof offers an extensive range of services regarding investigations, consultancy, planning, monitoring and quality assurance in geotechnics and geological engineering, the exploration and description of the building land, the foundation of buildings with trenches, pits and subterranean constructions, supervision of buildings in all phases of the project.
Soja in Bio-Qualität als raffinierte Tofu-Variationen zu Fleisch- und Wurstwaren, köstliche Brotaufstriche, erfrischender Sojaghurt und Bio-Drinks.
Wir sind ein vielseitiges und leistungsfähiges Unternehmen und führen sämtliche Dacharbeiten aus, auch unter den Aspekten des Dankmalschutzes.
BVG is a modern service company that provides local public transport within Berlin. (Participant 2013)
Bernd Schröder GmbH as part of the of HoWe Wurstwaren KG offers the Original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst to the world market.
Das Ingenieurbüro ist spezialisiert auf unabhängige Energieberatung, Baustatik und Bauphysik sowie Spezialtiefbau und Tunnelbau.
Besi Marine Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg provides flow management systems and maritime technology solutions.
360° platform provider of SaaS solutions for the hotel industry
For more than 50 years our company name has been synonymous with quality, reliability and service in the planning and execution of interior furnishings for cruise liners, yachts, river boats and ferries.
Since 1985 BIBKO® is the leading manufacturer of Ready mix reclaiming systems with over 1550 systems installed worldwide. By incorporating the advancements of technology and superior engineering, BIBKO® can provide a 100% recycling system for the Ready mix and Precast industry.
Development and manufacturing of the world’s largest 3D printers
Ihr kompetenter Aus- und Weiterbilder
Impianti di compostaggio modulare, impianti di depurazione biologica compatti
We provide services in all areas of molecular genetics. We specialize particularly in medical genetics, disposition genetics and services for academic research institutions and industry. (Participant GAB Italien 2014)
Biotype provides molecular diagnostic solutions and offers contract development & manufacturing services for various PCR platforms. With our unique multiplex Modaplex system up to 2,000 DNA/RNA targets can be analyzed simultaneously.
From the start, Bishop GmbH has concentrated on the core Aeronautical Engineering disciplines of Stress Analysis (including Fatigue & DT), Systems, Aerodynamics (including icing and acoustics) and Loads. We excel in the fields of Stress Report and Specialist engineering software tool writing for structural analysis and System simulation. We also have contemporary experience in the areas of Welded Stringer Skin and GLARE material technologies.
Classic laminates, Advanced composites, Decorative laminate applications, Service & material characterisation
Blic are IT consultants, who specialize in designing, implementation and optimizing mobility management systems.
BLOBEL water containment systems like spill barriers, flood protection barriers, storm water drain covers stand for individual sloutions to complex requirements, reliable engineering services and the highest quality.
Since 1877 Blohm+Voss is building, converting and repairing ships for sailors, visionaries and businesses.
Produce piccoli impianti di depurazione biologica e serbatoi di raccolta con tecnica a doppia parete in polietilene
The Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH, a tradition-based and future-oriented family enterprise, is an innovation and quality leader in the powered access market. We supply inclined lifts for the construction and removal industry, truck- and trailer-based aluminium cranes and a broad range of rack-and pinion hoists as well as mobile personnel and material lifts.
Bögershausen Bau GmbH specializes in building diagnostics and building solutions. (Participant Info Kamerun 2013)
Planung, Baubetreuung sowie unabhängige Finanzberatung (Participant Info Bolivien-Peru 2013)
For ANNEMARIE – BÖRLIND Natural Beauty, pioneering, effective natural cosmetics go hand in hand with respect for people and nature. Since the company was founded in 1959, our raison d’être has been characterized by a spirit of research, social commitment and careful handling of natural resources. With ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty you experience the effects of state-of-the-art natural cosmetics – developed and produced in the Black Forest.
tipstim® creates neuroplasticity, improves sense of touch and mobility of the hand in rehabilitation after neurological diseases like stroke, craniocerebral injury etc.
Brainbow Architecture
The company is specialized in traffic engineering and metalworking industry
Über 20 Jahre erfolgreiche Projektarbeit und ein beachtlicher Stamm an langjährigen Mitarbeitern (Architekten, Bauleiter, Bauhistoriker, Restauratoren) versetzen uns in die Lage, auch komplexe und vielseitige Aufgaben kurzfristig umzusetzen.
Broetje-Automation is the world's leading expert for the specialized production processes in the aviation and aerospace industry.
Lines for drying, coating, laminating, finishing of textiles, technical textiles, carpets, non-wovens.
With the development of AnchorCoreTechnology®, the sandwich construction was revolutionized by BuddyBuddy. This technology is employed to reach yet unmatched physical figures. A main focus is set on the relinquishment of certain pollutant materials as well as the general reduction of used recources, wich this technology enables us to.
Yuor partner for intelligent cleaning systems; cleaning technology based on water, spraying, flooding und ultrasound.
Synthesechemie, Biotechnologie und Bioanalytik, Polymermaterialien, modifizierte Proteinwirkstoffe und PEGylierung (tn)
Die caprotec bioanalytics GmbH hat eine bahnbrechende, patentrechtlich geschützte Technologie zur zielgerichteten Reduzierung der Komplexität von Proteingemischen entwickelt.
Capsulution Pharma AG a nanotechnology enterprise specialized in the customer-specific development of ferrofluids.
Service company for all services around your vehicle.
car2go is the best way to share a car
Unternehmensgruppe im Bereich Medizin, Gesundheit und Soziales
careon develops intelligent e-Health solutions making health related processes more efficient and transparent and aims to deliver high quality performance in the development and maintenance of the products and services. (Participant GAB Italien 2014)
Since more than 10 years we develop and install our IT solutions for the logistics industry. With more than employees, who are active at the locations in Nuremberg and Bielefeld, we bring along long-time experience in the logistics industry and know the transport business inside out. Even the relatively new company division of Mobility Services is served with our mobile solutions extensively.
CargoSteps is a global solution for track and trace from A to Z. CargoSteps is the first worldwide real-time track and trace software that allows different companies of every size in logistics to easily work together.
The C+C Krug GmbH is on the galvanic surface treatment of plastic parts specialized, above all for the automotive industry. Our portfolio covers the processing of entire projects as well as the contract manufacturing.
CDS Hackner GmbH produces meat utilizing the main parts of the whole animal, out of respect for life and to feed humans worldwide.
CDZ MACHINERY INC. plans, manufactures and installs complete plants as system solutions, completes and enlarges or modernizes existing plants for the finishing of knitted fabrics and automates their process and production sequences.
Cedima is one of the few companies which offer all necessary diamond tools, machines and service from one source.
The celano GmbH is a service company in the IT industry that offers tailor-made solutions to their customers.
Their products are the link between automation level (level 1) and production planning systems (level 3).
The service spectrum includes the design, realization and commissioning of the customized software systems as well as the selection and installation of the required hardware.
Celares ist ein Spezialist im Bereich Drug Delivery von Biopharmazeutika, speziell der PEGylierung.